Urgent conversation between Pope Francis and the US President

Pope Francis spoke by telephone with US President Joe Biden.

This afternoon a telephone conversation took place between Pope Francis and US President Joe Biden. The conversation, which lasted about 20 minutes, focused on conflict situations in the world and the need to identify paths to peace, Vatican Radio reported.


The Pope also spoke of the need for peace during Sunday’s Angelus prayer. – Once again my thoughts turn to what is happening in Israel and Palestine. I am very worried, full of pain, I pray and am close to all those who suffer, hostages, wounded, victims and their families. I reflect on the dire humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip and am saddened that the Anglican Hospital and the Greek Orthodox Parish have also been affected in recent days. I renew my call to open space, to continue humanitarian aid and to release the hostages, Francis said.

– War, every war in the world I also think of the troubled Ukraine: it is a failure. War is always a failure, it is the destruction of human brotherhood. Brothers, stop! Stop, the Pope called during a meeting with the faithful in St. Peter’s Square.

“A new step towards global conflict.” Priest: Are we still capable of compassion?

Cardinal Christoph Schönborn drew attention to the helplessness of politics and society in the face of the conflicts in Israel, the Gaza Strip, Nagorno-Karabakh and Ukraine.

The Metropolitan of Vienna judged that since Hamas’ brutal attack on Israel, we are “one step closer to a global conflict,” the Austrian politician wrote in his weekly commentary in the capital’s free Heute newspaper. In this context, he recalled the words of Pope Francis, who, despite the escalation of violence in many parts of the world, repeatedly speaks of a “world war in pieces”.

Source: Do Rzeczy