Hamas, the “manual” of the attack appears: it dates from a year ago

The terror front is compacting. Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State (ISIS) congratulated Hamas on its October 7 attack on Israel and called on its followers to attack Israeli, American and Jewish targets. The Guardian writes this highlighting that in the last two weeks al-Qaeda affiliates have expressed appreciation for Hamas’ “invasion of Israel”, as they defined it on social channels. Al-Qaeda in particular is still strong with Al-Shabab in Somalia, but there are other affiliates in the Indian subcontinent, Yemen and Syria.

The Washington Post, however, found evidence that the attack launched by Hamas against Israel on October 7th had been planned a year ago. This is demonstrated by a manual found on the body of a Hamas militiaman killed in clashes with Israeli soldiers and published exclusively by the newspaper. The document, dated last year, contains instructions on how to use certain weapons, identifies vulnerabilities in Israeli military equipment and gives advice on how to kill with a knife. The manual appears to have been prepared for several units of Hamas’ elite Izzedine al-Qassam Brigades, including anti-armor specialists, engineers, snipers, infantry and tunnel specialists, as well as what the pamphlet describes as “troop assault.” On the first page we read that “this is a secret military document” and therefore “it must be kept in a safe place. It is forbidden to move around in this, except when ordered.” On the back cover there is a photo of Palestinian Sheikh Abdullah Azzam, Osama bin Laden’s mentor.

“If this is their source of inspiration, and this is the figure, the symbol that they are looking at, I better understand their behavior on October 7th,” Michael Milshtein, former head of the Palestinian Bureau, told the Washington Post . Israeli military intelligence. The document obtained by The Washington Post provides guidance on the use of the weapons and offers detailed descriptions of the vulnerability of Israeli tanks and armored vehicles. Included, for example, are instructions for the use of North Korean F-7 grenades, which Pyongyang denied having supplied to Hamas. According to the army, which showed part of the material found, around 50 high-explosive munitions were found by Israeli troops after the attacks. Hamas officials in Gaza and Beirut did not respond to The Post’s requests for comment.

Source: IL Tempo