Apartment left without electricity due to cannabis cultivation

Residents of an apartment building were left without electricity all night due to a cannabis farm. This event took place in the Netherlands, more precisely in Capelle aan den IJssel; where water leaks from a plantation risked damaging public meters. While 11 flats were left without electricity in the accident that occurred on the night of October 22, the resident of the 23rd flat was still without electricity in the morning.

According to local media reports, the problems started around 20.30 when firefighters received a report of a water leak in one of the flats. When they arrived at the scene, they saw water flowing from the meter cabinets of 11 houses. For this reason, there was a general power outage. For this reason, the apartment was evacuated as a precaution. “Water and electricity are not a good combination, so everything needs to dry completely first. All low voltage connections have been disconnected and it will take several hours of work to restore them properly,” said a spokesman for energy company Stedis. to manage.

The problem was only discovered around midnight when it became clear that the water was coming from a cannabis field in one of the flats. One resident reported that rumors were already circulating about his presence in the apartment. “But you don’t notice anything. Everyone here is minding their own business,” the man told local media. The nursery, which contains 268 plants, will be dismantled later in the day. Police confirmed no one has yet been arrested over the planting.

Source: Today IT