Born, Erdogan gives green light to Sweden’s membership

A decisive step for Sweden in NATO. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan signed the Stockholm accession protocol to the Atlantic Alliance and presented it to the Turkish Parliament for ratification. Erdogan has delayed ratifying Sweden’s membership, accusing Stockholm of being too soft on Kurdish militants and other groups that Ankara considers a threat to its security. Sweden’s membership requires the favorable opinion of all 31 NATO allies, but Turkey and Hungary have not yet ratified it. After Erdogan’s approval, only one formality remains that will give Ankara the green light to expand NATO to the Scandinavian country, after the green light from Finland that arrived in recent months. Sweden, together with the other Scandinavian country, requested entry into the Alliance after the outbreak of war in Ukraine, to defend itself against any future invasion by Russia, which entered the territory with its troops in February 2022 from the nation led by Volodymyr. Zelensky.

Source: IL Tempo