Israel, the post on Gaza costs Greta Thunberg dearly: censorship in schools

Israel, the post on Gaza costs Greta Thunberg dearly: censorship in schools

Get rid of Greta Thunberg from Israeli school programs and classrooms. The Ministry of Education announces it will remove any reference to the Swedish activist after she published a post over the weekend with an anti-Israel sign that said “support Gaza”. “Hamas is a terrorist organization responsible for the murder of 1,400 innocent Israelis, including children, women and the elderly, and kidnapped more than 200 people in Gaza,” the ministry states. “This position disqualifies her from being an educational and moral role model, and she is no longer fit to serve as an inspiration and educator to Israeli students.” Not only that: «Israel’s Story», which works to tell the story of Israel to the world, produced and released a video in which Greta gives the speech that made her famous, condemning world leaders for not doing enough to combat the crisis global. heating. However, alongside her words are images of war victims and photographs of the Hamas massacre.

And more than 100 signatures were collected within hours for an open letter sent to Greta, and several activists also responded directly to her in messages about Gaza” and that Thunberg should “reconsider the atrocities committed by Hamas.”

«Greta Thunberg is today the best-known climate activist in the world», explains Adam Teva V’Din. «In her influential position, Greta expressed a one-sided and inconsistent position, completely ignoring the cruel acts suffered by Israeli citizens and the kidnapping of hundreds of people. Because of her position, when Greta approaches a different topic in a superficial and dismissive way, it inevitably undermines the validity of her climate-related positions. People from all walks of life may think that the superficiality she displays on the other issue may call into question the seriousness and depth of her climate activism. Those with vested interests could exploit this to portray climate activists as unserious and lacking depth. Therefore, even without addressing the ethical and moral implications she ignored, Greta is no longer a role model for us in the context of climate change. We have many other figures to inspire us” the rest of the words against Greta.

Source: IL Tempo