The US opposes a ceasefire because it would allow Hamas to rebuild

Miller asserted that Israel has “the right and obligation” to respond to the Hamas attack, and affirmed that the United States is focused on facilitating the continued delivery of humanitarian aid to the civilian population of Gaza through the border crossing. Rafah with Egypt.

The official assured that the Israeli army “warns civilians when it plans to bomb a residential building” and again accused the Palestinian militia of using Gaza’s civilians as “human shields.”

“Every time a civilian dies, we mourn it, whether Palestinians or Israelis,” he said.

Israeli airstrikes on Gaza have resulted in more than 5,000 dead, According to Palestinian authorities, 40% of them are children and 22% are women or elderly, while another 15,200 people have been injured.

Israel has thus responded to the surprise attack by the armed wing of Hamas on Israeli soil on October 7, causing more than 1,400 deaths and 222 kidnappings.

Source: El heraldo