Israel sends the Nili unit against Hamas. “Search and Kill”, the missions of the elite force

Israel sends the Nili unit against Hamas.  “Search and Kill”, the missions of the elite force

“Search and kill” in one word: “Nili”. It is not the name of a new action video game, but the identifier of the elite Israeli unit tasked with cutting off the head of the serpent, that is, eliminating the leaders of Hamas. The team, whose name is an acronym of verse 29, first book of Samuel, chapter 15 “Netzah Yisrael Lo Yesaker” or “the glory of Israel will not lie”, is part of Shin Bet, Tel Aviv’s intelligence agency for matters internal. . It was officially established to target leaders of the Nukhba Brigade, the Hamas squad held responsible for the October 7 massacre. Training inspired by two historical precedents. “Nili” was the name of the Jewish and pro-British (anti-Turkish) spy network active during the First World War and which used the Old Testament phrase as a sign of recognition. The second unit addressed is the so-called “Mivtza Za’am Ha’el”, which is “operation Wrath of God”, born after the massacre of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics by “Black September”, a commando Palestinian terrorist.

In 20 years – between the 80s and 90s – the Israeli 007 identified and killed – around the world – many members of the organization responsible for the Munich attack, causing collateral victims and triggering an international debate about the methods used by Tel Aviv. A team of men ready to do anything to complete their mission. In fact, agents have carte blanche in managing operations and have no other tasks. The only thing that matters is the search and elimination of a list of people selected by the Ministry of Defense. According to some indiscretions, also published by the Times of Israel, Nili operations would be conducted with the help of the powerful Mossad – an Israeli service that operates abroad – and other special forces; anything to maximize the efficiency of this “search and kill” team. And the first results have already arrived: Ali Qadhi, believed to be the leader of the Hamas forces that attacked Israel on October 7, has already been killed in a drone attack.

Merad Abu Murad, head of the Hamas air force and creator of the paragliding attack, suffered the same fate – in a nighttime attack. Then it was the turn of Billal Al Qadr, commander of the Khan Younis unit who allegedly led the attacks on the kibbutzim of Nirim and Nir Oz, in which an as yet unspecified number of civilians were killed. Finally, Abu Hilal, number one of the military wing of the “Gaza Popular Resistance Committees”. But the list – say the most knowledgeable – is still long. And critics have already raised their doubts about the Tel Aviv men’s method of action. In fact, some bombings in southern Gaza have already caused the first “collateral” victims.

Source: IL Tempo