They are offering a reward of up to $50 million for the perpetrators of the Soledad massacre

They are offering a reward of up to  million for the perpetrators of the Soledad massacre

“We reject the events that occurred at a commercial establishment in the municipality Lonelinesswhere armed subjects repeatedly enter and shoot and three people were killed, while three others were taken to care centers,” said Col. César Sarabia, deputy commander of the army. Barranquilla Metropolitan Policein connection with the massacre committed at the Palatino Billiards in the San Antonio neighborhood of the old city.

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The officer also confirmed the operations being carried out to find those responsible for the attack multiple murder.

“A padlock plan at entrances and exits was immediately launched, verifying security cameras, interviewing witnesses, and using all our institutional capabilities, as well as a dedicated judicial and intelligence component, and liaison with the Office of the Attorney General who is already in charge of the case,” Sarabia added.

On the other hand, the officer highlighted the joint offer with the local government of up to $50 million as a reward for information that “helps us find the quick arrest of those responsible.”

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It should be noted that the attack, carried out by two people around 10:30 am, left three men dead and three others injured.

One of the fatalities from the incident responded to the name of José Uriel Castaño Alzate65 years old, according to police information.

EL HERALDO also learned that Luis Miguel Lobo Pote, 35 years old and resident of the area, had suffered an injury to his left knee. He was taken to the Avoid clinic.

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Another injured person was Jeffry De Jesús Ojeda Pacheco, 22 years old and a warehouse worker at a chain store. He was shot 4 times, all in the right leg, and remains in the Prevent Clinic.

Young Henry Jesús Donado Balza, 18 years old, was hit in the thorax and remains under medical observation at the Universidad del Norte hospital.

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