Fifth Soledad massacre: four more than in 2022

Fifth Soledad massacre: four more than in 2022

A new multiple murder has been registered in the municipality Lonelinesskilling three people and seriously injuring three others while in a billiards hall.the San Antonio area. With this fact, the number of massacres that have occurred in this part of the country increases to 5. metropolitan area of ​​Barranquilla.

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For its part, it increases to nine the number of these types of events that took place in the department Atlantic Ocean. This data is “chilling“, as in the entire previous year (2022) five of these criminal offenses took place, four of which occurred in the district Barranquilla and one in Soledad.

It is worth remembering that in just five months of the current year, the last municipality in question had four of these “multiple murders”, as the authorities call them: in the Primero de Mayo district, San Vicente, Los Almendros and Viña del Rey.

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For its part, the capital of the Atlantic Ocean registers two: The Sanctuary, with four fatalities and Villanueva, with six. Likewise, the municipality of Puerto Colombia has one, which took place in the Villa Campestre urbanization, a case in which Rafael Julio Vega Cuello, known as Kike Vega, and his sons Ray Jesús and Ronald Iván Vega Daza were riddled with gunshots. In the same attack, Roberto Carlos, another son of Vega Cuello, was injured.

In the meantime, the last number registered in the municipality has been added to these numbers Malambojust 47 hours before this happened Loneliness.

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Let’s not forget that on the night of Saturday, October 21, subjects arrived at a house on a motorcycle Los Ciruelos district of Malambo and they took the lives of three people, including a minor, and left three others injured.

Source: El heraldo