They identify the three injured in the Soledad pool hall massacre

They identify the three injured in the Soledad pool hall massacre

“Just a lot of gunshots were heard,” said a resident of the San Antonio sector who returned home and noticed that in the Palatine Billiardslocated at 19th Street and 24th Street, people came out in panic and asking for help.

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Monday October 23 around 10:30 PM armed nationals They entered the business in question and opened fire on some men who were playing billiards at a table. On the way out, they allegedly attacked other customers in the business. Three people were killed and three others were injured.

EL HERALDO learned that Luis Miguel Lobo Pote, 35 years old and resident of the area, had suffered an injury to his left knee. He was taken to the Avoid clinic.

Another injured person was Jeffry De Jesús Ojeda Pacheco, 22 years old and a warehouse worker at a chain store. He was shot 4 times, all in the right leg, and remains in the Prevent Clinic.

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And the young Henry Jesús Donado Balza, 18 years old, who was hit in the thorax and remains under medical observation at the Universidad del Norte hospital.

Regarding the fatalities, sources from the Barranquilla Metropolitan Police confirmed to this medium that detectives from Sijín are carrying out the procedure to determine the identity and formulate the first hypotheses about what happened.

This is the second massacre recorded in the Barranquilla metropolitan area in 48 hours.

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Let us not forget that on the night of Saturday, October 21, subjects arrived on board a motorcycle at a house in the Los Ciruelos neighborhood of Malambo, killing three people, including a minor, and leaving three others injured.

The Atlántico department is the second area in the country to record multiple homicides in 2023. In total there are nine bloody incidents, which surpass other conflict areas.

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Source: El heraldo