Middle East, exodus of hundreds of thousands of Americans: the latest US nightmare

Middle East, exodus of hundreds of thousands of Americans: the latest US nightmare

The United States is preparing for a nightmare scenario: the flight of hundreds of thousands of Americans living in the Middle East if the conflict in Gaza spreads. Faced with Israeli preparations, backed by American weapons and military advisors, for a ground offensive that could trigger a region-wide fire, the Biden administration is particularly concerned about Americans living in Israel and Lebanon. Although, several internal administration sources reveal to the Washington Post, a mass evacuation is considered the worst possible scenario, with other eventualities considered more likely. In any case, the sources add, “it would be irresponsible not to have a plan for every eventuality.”

Reasonings that confirm once again how in Washington, despite repeated public statements of unconditional support for Israel, concern about an escalation of the conflict grows hourly. Also for the fate of the 600,000 American citizens who live in Israel and the 86,000 who reside in Lebanon, where it is feared that the border clashes between Hezbollah and Israeli forces, which continue with increasing intensity, could lead to a real conflict . “This has become a real problem, the government is very, very concerned that this is going to get out of hand,” the sources say. The scale of such an evacuation, which would involve the air and naval forces deployed by the United States to the Eastern Mediterranean in recent weeks, would be enormous. “With 600,000 Americans in Israel and other Americans across the region, it is difficult to imagine an operation that can compare in scale and complexity,” comments Suzanne Maloney, chief of foreign policy at the Brookings Institution.

The US concern extends, in fact, to all countries in the Arab world where demonstrations and street protests have already taken place, putting the safety of American citizens, diplomats and soldiers in the region at risk. As for evacuation plans, Washington does not intend to discuss them publicly to avoid panic among Americans in the region, but in any case, in recent days, the State Department has sent an alert to all Americans abroad, urging them to “exercise greater caution” due to “increased tensions in some areas of the world, the possibility of terrorist attacks, demonstrations and violent actions against American citizens and interests.” In recent days, the Pentagon has reported an increase in attacks against American troops in the region, pointing the finger at Iran as the inspirer and sponsor of groups that use rockets and drones to target American positions. And General Patrick Ryder, Pentagon spokesman, admitted that “a broader escalation” is possible in the coming days, and that for this reason “all necessary precautions” are being taken to protect the American military, in particular the 3,400 soldiers deployed in Iraq and Syria.

Source: IL Tempo