New Pentagon report. China is preparing for an attack

China is building up forces for an attack on Taiwan that could happen in the coming years, according to a Pentagon report.

According to the Pentagon’s latest annual report on China’s military, Beijing is gathering forces for an attack on Taiwan that could happen in the coming years.

“The Chinese military is planning a series of operations, including cyber attacks, a naval blockade of Taiwan and various types of invasions. The purpose of these operations will be to force Taiwan to agree to unification with the mainland, or to convince Taiwanese leaders to negotiate on Beijing’s terms,” the article reads. The Washington Times.

Beijing’s plans

As indicated in the report, the first option China considers in the event of an armed conflict could be an air and sea blockade aimed at cutting off Taiwan’s supplies and forcing Taipei to surrender. Such a blockade could include large-scale missile attacks and the possible seizure of the islands off the coast of Taiwan.

The second option is the limited use of force or coercion, including destructive, punitive or lethal military attacks in small-scale operations. This operation will be supported by overt and covert economic and political activities aimed at shaping worldviews and undermining the legitimacy of the Taiwanese government.

In addition, the plans include Chinese military special forces infiltrating Taiwan and carrying out sabotage attacks on infrastructure or command facilities.

The third option outlined in the report involves air and missile strikes on key targets such as government facilities. Military targets include attacks on air bases, radar facilities, missiles, space facilities and communications facilities.

The last option is an amphibious invasion according to the rules laid down in previous military documents.

“The best known of these, the Joint Island Landing Campaign, involves a complex operation based on coordinated, interconnected campaigns in the field of [wojny elektronicznej], logistics and air and naval support,” the report said. The aim will be to break through Taiwan’s coastal defenses, increase combat power on the west coast and capture key objectives.

The last option is a campaign to conquer small islands.

“The invasion of small islands will demonstrate the military capabilities and political determination of the armed forces of the People’s Republic of China while securing territorial gains,” the report said.

Source: Do Rzeczy