US presidential elections, Kennedy unknown between Trump and Biden: survey overturns everything

The unknown of the next US presidential elections has the surname of the most famous democratic lineage in America, the Kennedys. Practically a year after the vote, there is a total tie between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, who appear, barring any surprises, destined for a new duel. In fact, both are at 37% in the survey published by USA Today, which however registers a somewhat surprising value, not so much in the result but in the scenarios it implies.

Well, it turns out that Robert Kennedy Jr, who is running as an independent and no longer as a Democrat, is stealing votes from former President Trump. The member of the most famous Dem family in America, son of Bob Kennedy and nephew of the assassinated president John Kennedy, JFK, registers a consistent 13% in the poll. Driven by positions accused of conspiracy theories and anti-vaccine sympathies, and statements against military aid to Ukraine, 2 in 3 of his potential voters say they would have chosen a Republican in his absence. The other independent candidate, the famous African-American academic and activist Cornel West, has 4%, votes from liberal and progressive voters who would otherwise have voted for Biden.

From the research, therefore, it emerges that in a possible direct confrontation the two independent candidates could have a decisive weight: without Kennedy Jr, in fact, Trump would beat Biden with 41% against 39%, with West with 7%. . Although without the latter in the vote, Biden would have a minimal advantage, 38% to 39%, with Kennedy Jr.

Source: IL Tempo