Manuel Antonio, the goal scorer whose dreams ended with 6 shots

Manuel Antonio was clear about his goals, this is what he emphasized in this medium Orlando Niebles, representing the young man. DFrom a very young age he showed his passion for the Rey sport. At the age of 12, he managed to become part of a local team and participate in several tournaments.

“I met Manuel Domínguez four years ago in the middle of the pandemic. They brought him to me and told me there was a player who could be the new Juan Guillermo Cuadrado of Colombian footballAnd sure enough, when I saw him play, the talent that that kid exuded was impressive and he started to take control of it,” Niebles said.

According to his representative, football transformed Manuel Antonio, making him a young man cheerful, optimistic and careful.

“He was the joy of the team, a talented player, very technical, with great projection. He told me ‘you are the one who is going to lead me to become a professional’, and I always told him that he could count on me, in me you will find 100% support, and I told him that first he has to be a If you are a good professional you have to be a great person and that is what Manuel Domínguez was, a great person,” he said.

Source: El heraldo