Poland, illness at red light festival among priests: bishop resigns

Pope Francis accepted the resignation of the pastoral government of the Diocese of Sosnowiec, in Poland, presented by Monsignor Grzegorz Kaszak. A choice without alternatives, given the great outcry caused by the scandal that occurred in the diocese. Local media have been talking for weeks about the red light party that took place at a priest’s house with the participation of priests and other people. One of them apparently lost consciousness due to a Viagra overdose, but from what I understand, the priests didn’t want to let the paramedics in and the police had to intervene. Kaszak later apologized to the faithful and asked them to pray for the priests involved in the scandal, but many called for his resignation.

It all happened in the town of Dabrowa Gornicza. In a priest’s apartment, a man passed out after taking several pills of a drug similar to Viagra. However, the priest refused to let in the paramedics warned by the man, who was believed to be a gigolo, because he feared a scandal would break out. At that moment the police were called and invaded, taking the man to the hospital and giving “publicity” to the activities of the priests that led to the bishop’s dismissal.

Source: IL Tempo