Drones flying over Egypt hit a hospital. Israel accuses Yemen: “Threat from the Red Sea”

The conflict in the Middle East risks spreading to the Red Sea. A drone landed near a power station in the Egyptian Red Sea city of Nuweiba, not far from Taba. Images broadcast by al-Qahera News, which initially called it a “strange object,” showed debris and smoke rising from the mountainside near the town. Later, Israeli military spokesman Daniel Hagari spoke of an “aerial threat from the Red Sea” linked to “an unmanned plane” that crashed in Taba (Egypt) “where it injured 5 people”. “Israeli Air Force planes tried to intercept it, but failed,” he specified. “In any case – he added – it is clear that Iran is involved”.

The Israeli newspaper Ynet writes that it was Houthi Shiite militiamen who launched two kamikaze drones from Yemen, which later landed in Egypt. The objective of armed groups linked to Hamas was to attack the port of Eliat, in Israel, but they fell in the Egyptian city of Taba, on the Red Sea, hitting a medical center and a residential building, and in Nuweiba, on the Sinai Peninsula. . The military spokesman for the Egyptian Armed Forces announced that the accident caused minor injuries to 6 people, who were discharged from hospital after receiving the necessary first aid. The incident is being investigated by a specialized committee of the authorities involved, the spokesperson continued.

Source: IL Tempo