Germany expands border controls to include Poland and the Czech Republic

The German government has expanded permanent controls at its borders with Poland and the Czech Republic, as well as Switzerland.

Berlin has informed the European Commission that border controls with Poland, the Czech Republic and Switzerland will continue for the next twenty days. This information was provided by the spokeswoman for the Ministry of the Interior. The reason is the still high number of illegal border crossings and the activities of migrant smugglers.

Since the introduction of temporary border controls in the period from October 16 to 25, a total of 3,700 illegal border crossings with these three countries have been registered, according to the German Interior Ministry.

Initially, Minister Nancy Faeser ordered temporary controls at the internal borders with Poland, the Czech Republic and Switzerland for a period of ten days. Previously, mobile border controls were carried out in the border area.

Germany wants faster deportation of immigrants. The government accepted the project

The German government has accepted a bill on easier deportations. The Bundestag will now take up the project. The information was provided after the government consultation by the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nancy Faeser. – We have just implemented an important law in the government: we have agreed that people without a right of residence will leave our country more quickly. We are considering more restrictive measures to carry out faster deportations, she said.

The minister pointed out that the number of deportations has already increased by 70 percent this year. compared to the previous one: – However, significant action is needed.

The regulations mainly target human smugglers: in addition to general relaxations in deportation procedures, the law emphasizes the deportation of criminals, especially smugglers. The government also announces stricter penalties for smuggling. – I will try to increase the minimum sentences for smugglers, especially if it is proven that they have committed violent acts, Faeser said.

Source: Do Rzeczy