“The war will be long and difficult.” Netanyahu: We have two goals

On the evening of Saturday, October 28, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the nation and announced the start of the ‘second war of independence’.

In his speech, Netanyahu noted that the second phase of Israel’s war against Hamas began last night – with the introduction of ground troops into the territory of the Gaza Strip, controlled by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas. Netanyahu claims that the decision to launch a ground invasion was taken unanimously by representatives of the military and security services.

The prime minister said Israel “will under no circumstances give up the task of destroying Hamas.” We have two goals: the most important is the complete elimination of Hamas’s operational and political capabilities, and the second is the release of the hostages. , Netanyahu said.

The head of Israel’s government also stressed that the military is doing “all it can” to prevent civilian casualties and thanked the leaders of Britain, the United States and other Western countries for their support.

– We will fight and we will win… This is our life’s mission, he said, adding that the conflict will be “long and difficult”.

War in the Gaza Strip

On October 7, fighters from the Palestinian terror group Hamas carried out a massive attack on Israeli territory. Fighters raided border settlements. About 200 people became their hostages.

In response to the attack, Israel has intensified its shelling of the militant-controlled Gaza Strip. The aim of the operation was to destroy Hamas. In recent weeks there has been speculation about a possible Israeli ground invasion of the Gaza Strip.

On October 26, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) carried out a targeted airstrike with tanks in the northern part of the region. On October 27, the IDF entered the Gaza Strip using infantry troops, military equipment, drones and aviation.

Today, Israel caused a power outage in the Gaza Strip, leaving the region without access to electricity, internet and mobile communications.

Source: Do Rzeczy