Israel is considering resettling Palestinians to Europe. Documents revealed

Israel is considering the resettlement of more than two million Palestinians. After the end of the war in the Gaza Strip, they would go to Europe. Prime Minister Netanyahu has already contacted European leaders about this project.

Palestinian and Israeli journalists from the online magazine +972 have obtained internal documents from the Ministry of Intelligence, which show that Israel is considering three post-war scenarios. The ministry itself confirmed the authenticity of the document.

The first scenario assumed that after the end of hostilities in the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian population would continue to exist under the rule of the West Bank authorities. The second option assumes that a non-Islamic Arab government will be established in the Gaza Strip, along the lines of the United Arab Emirates. At the same time, pressure would be put on the United States to convince Egypt to accept refugees.

Palestinians to Europe?

However, a third scenario is also being considered, which assumes that Palestinians from the Gaza Strip will be resettled to Europe. Although Israel considers the countries of the Mediterranean region, it mainly concerns two countries of the European Union: Spain and Greece.

The document shows that more countries could participate in the entire operation. Firstly, by making financial resources available for, or even accepting, the resettlement of Palestinians.

The document highlights the role that Spain and Greece could play in accepting residents of the Gaza Strip in exchange for an ‘absorption budget’.

The daily ‘El Confidencial’ describes that the newspaper’s interlocutors at the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs denied that Israel was contacting Madrid to resettle Palestinians.

The Financial Times states that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has already contacted some European leaders to convince them to implement the idea of ​​resettling Palestinians.

Civil disaster

The Palestinian death toll rose to more than 7,700 on Saturday, according to Gaza’s Health Ministry. Parts of the Gaza Strip were destroyed. More than 1.4 million people fled their homes, with almost half taking refuge in schools and UN shelters.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has reiterated its alarm that the Gaza Strip faces an “impending public health catastrophe” as the territory grapples with mass displacement and destruction of water infrastructure. The WHO previously condemned Israel’s actions in the Gaza Strip.

Source: Do Rzeczy