An unprecedented call. Israeli authorities advised citizens to conceal their origins

Israel’s Foreign Ministry has issued an unprecedented warning to citizens not to travel abroad and hide their nationality.

Israel’s National Security Council and Ministry of Foreign Affairs have issued a warning calling on all citizens to “exercise more caution when traveling abroad.”

“We know that Jewish communities, institutions, Israeli diplomatic missions and airports serving flights to and from Israel are major targets of violent anti-Semites,” Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Eylon Levy said. As he noted, citizens planning to travel abroad, mainly to Arab countries and the Middle East, are asked to postpone their visits if they are not necessary.

– Israeli authorities ask all citizens not to show any sign of their Israeli nationality or Jewish identity, wherever they are in the world, Eylon Levy said.

It also called on people who need to travel to “quickly dial emergency services and Israeli embassy numbers”, avoid anti-Israel protests and “remain extremely vigilant” at all times.

Israel expands its invasion of the Gaza Strip

The Israeli ground invasion of the Gaza Strip continues. Israeli forces attack from three directions. One of its stated objectives is to eliminate the extensive network of tunnels built under the Strip’s territory by the Palestinian Hamas movement. The tunnel network can be up to 500 kilometers long and up to 40 meters deep. Last night, Israeli forces carried out a ‘targeted airstrike’ in the southern Gaza Strip.

The land invasion of the Gaza Strip was preceded by massive bombings and a call for Palestinians to evacuate south. The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the Gaza Strip faces an “imminent public health disaster” as the area faces mass displacement and destruction of water infrastructure.

Source: Do Rzeczy