Donald Trump angers the judge: what he says at the fraud trial

Donald Trump against the judge during the US trial for financial fraud. «I became president thanks to my brand, I sell an incredible amount of books thanks to my brand». This is what Donald Trump said during his testimony at the trial in which he is accused, together with his children and his company, of having fraudulently manipulated the value of his assets. If he wanted to do it, he argued, he would just use his name. “My most valuable asset is my brand,” Trump said.

“This is not a political rally.” New York City Court Judge Arthur Engoron lost his temper during Donald Trump’s testimony in his civil fraud trial. The sentence was handed down in one of the numerous moments of tension that characterized the first part of the hearing in which the tycoon answered questions from the Public Prosecutor’s Office. Trump is accused, along with his children Ivanka, Eric and Donald Jr., and his company, the Trump Organization, of inflating the value of assets to gain access to bank loans worth hundreds of millions of dollars. During the first part of the testimony, Trump exchanged a series of sentences with the judge. Responding to questions from the Public Prosecutor’s Office, represented by Kevin Wallace, the tycoon declared that “banks don’t pay much attention to documents about the value of assets”. Wallace asked him how he knew and he replied, “I know because I have been dealing with banks for fifty years.” “We will explain this – he added – during this crazy process”. “Please – the judge reprimanded him – just answer the questions, don’t hold rallies.” The defendant’s lawyer, Chris Kise, disputed the judge’s comment, arguing that the questions asked by the prosecution were open-ended and therefore required lengthy answers. Asked if he felt responsible for the valuation of the assets, Trump commented: “It happened a long time ago, it goes beyond the statute of limitations, it applies to everyone but me too because I’m sure the judge will sentence me.” Engoron asked him again to “answer the questions”. “You can attack me all you want – he added – but please answer the questions.”

Source: IL Tempo