Israel, here are US precision bombs. The Pentagon releases a bulletin on Gaza

The United States is preparing to send $320 million worth of precision bombs to Israel. According to Wall Street Journal sources, on October 31 the Biden administration sent a formal notification to Congressional leaders about the planned transfer to Israel of Spice Family Gliding Bomb Assemblies, a type of precision bombs launched from aircraft.

However, with its firm support for Tel Aviv, the US estimates there are “thousands” of civilian deaths in Gaza, but cannot provide a more specific number. Pentagon spokesman Pat Ryder spoke, as cited by CNN. “Nobody in this administration questions that there were deaths, that civilians lost their lives in Gaza,” said State Department deputy spokesman Vedant Patel, stressing, however, that data from the Gaza Ministry of Health, controlled by the Hamas, cannot be taken for granted: «What we say is that this is a ministry run by Hamas, which just a few weeks ago unleashed a terrible terrorist attack in Israel, and which has a history of inflated and inaccurate casualty figures». Gaza authorities reported reaching 10,000 civilian casualties.

Source: IL Tempo