Joe Biden fell in 5 key states. Shocking White House Search

Election Day has already begun in the United States: voting is underway in Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, Mississippi, Colorado, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and in counties and cities like New York for the renewal of local offices, including governors, secretaries of state, mayors, councilors and Supreme Court judges. This is the first test for Joe Biden a year after the presidential election. The overall result could reassure Democrats after recent disastrous polls that give Donald Trump a wide lead in five key states, or confirm popular concerns about the president’s declining popularity. In Virginia, in one of the upcoming tests, the 140 members of the General Assembly will be elected, with emphasis on Republican governor Glenn Youngkin who, with the majority in the Chamber, hopes to wrest the Senate from the Democrats and guarantee control of Richmond. A disappointing result from progressives could send a negative signal to the White House.

Just ahead of the polls for the White House, the one published by the New York Times, carried out in conjunction with Siena College, made a splash. The research raises the hypothesis of a complicated preparation for the outgoing president, given the likely challenge with Trump, YouTrend concluded. One year before the elections, the American tycoon would be ahead in 5 of the 6 key states, “six states where Joe Biden won in 2020, but which will probably be very close a year from now”.

Source: IL Tempo