On election day in the US, Biden manages to stay afloat. But the polls reward Trump

A victory on each side between Republicans and Democrats for governors and a clear signal on the right to abortion: US election day, exactly one year before the 2024 presidential elections, provided reassuring indications to Joe Biden, in particular on the The fact that the majority of Americans want to maintain the right to terminate a pregnancy, one of the flagship issues of progressives and the president. Ohio is the seventh state to rule in favor following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. Wade in 1973, which established the right to abortion at the federal level. Yes votes clearly exceeded 50%, with an advantage over no votes that ranged between 14 and 15%. Ohio also became the 24th state to approve recreational cannabis. Biden celebrated the success with a message: “Once again, Americans voted to protect their freedoms. And democracy won.” “The people of Ohio – he added in his statement – ​​rejected the attempt by the Maga Republicans (Donald Trump’s movement, ed.) to impose extreme limitations on the right to abortion.”

Overnight, another positive sign reached the White House: in Kentucky, Democrat Andy Beasher (also staunchly pro-choice on abortion) was confirmed as governor. Republican opponent Daniel Cameron was defeated and instead supports the state’s restrictive abortion law, which makes no exceptions even in cases of rape or incest. Republican Tate Reeves, governor of Mississippi, was also re-elected, all according to predictions. Philadelphia elected the first mayor in its history: Cherelle Parker, 51 years old, African-American, Democrat. In Virginia, where Congress is being renewed, Democrats are currently ahead in both the House and Senate. If confirmed, the Republicans will have failed in their objective of winning a majority ten years after the last time and it will be another small positive sign for Biden, after the disastrous polls in recent days that placed him behind Trump.

The latest Ssrs poll published by CNN gives the former president an advantage of 49% against 45% for the incumbent in the White House. For the outgoing president, the bad news is that 51% of the national sample say they would never vote for him, compared to 48% who would never vote for Trump. Among voters under 35, 48% support Trump and 47% Biden. Among independent voters, 45% vote for Trump and 41% for Biden.

Source: IL Tempo