Putin, visit to a sick child ends badly: total embarrassment

“He’s just shy”, explains the mother of the little patient who refuses to be seen or talked to under the covers Vladimir Putin. The Russian president went to visit a children’s hospital but the surprise on camera at a hospitalized child did not have the desired result. The little one remained under the covers, the mother tried to remove them but the child remained motionless. “What’s your name? Answer under the sheets,” Putin said, but there was nothing to be done. “I’ll take your phone away for a day or two!”, said the visibly embarrassed woman in a weak voice, but not even this threat made her son give up.

“Let him play”, commented Putin, who tried again, asking which video game the child was playing, who ignored him and continued to criticize the mother. “Okay, don’t be crazy,” the president said at the end of the video. The images were released on social media by Nexta TV which, however, also shows other visits by Putin to young patients, certainly more functional for the communication of the Kremlin.

Source: IL Tempo