B&B viewers surprised by high prices: ‘Jumped out of the trash’

This one small houseboat By Vincent du Brabant and his daughter as a bonus Zoë who got the audience talking. The boat functions as a floating B&B and costs no less than 225 euros per night. And as the name suggests, their boat toddler and for that reason alone viewers are talking about “ridiculous prices”. Someone wrote on Twitter: “It is incomprehensible that the boat rental companies are not ashamed of the downright ridiculous price they charge.” Another agrees, writing: “€225 for a night on a boat you can’t turn around is an odd amount! and “you’ll get undressed sooner.”

Viewers also can’t stop talking about the dry toilets in the restrooms. small houseboat† The hostel owner, Vincent, explains to his guests that they have to empty their toilets with some kind of coffee filter. “225 euros and then fuck a coffee filter”, writes a surprised viewer.

Source: RTL