Arrieta’s family will appear at Sancho’s trial in Thailand

Arrieta’s family will appear at Sancho’s trial in Thailand

The family of Colombian Edwin Arrieta, who was murdered and dismembered on the Thai island of Phangan last August 2, will appear in Thailand on August 13 for the trial of the accused of the crime, Spaniard Daniel Sancho.

This was reported on Friday during a press conference in Madrid by the lawyers of the Arrieta family in Spain, Juan Gonzalo Ospina and Beatriz Uriarte, and via video conference from Colombia the lawyer Adriana Behaine and from Thailand Yuthana Promsin and Julien Iwanicki Govrich.

Ospina explained that the family has managed to formalize their appearance in the case, allowing their lawyers to access the summary and be present at the oral hearing scheduled for the next 13th, in which Thai judge and prosecutor Daniel Sancho will inform, who has been in pre-trial prison since August 7, the accusation against him.

If the suspect admits the facts during the hearing, his sentence is reduced such that he can go from a possible death penalty to a life sentence or many years in prison, but if he does not confess, proceedings are initiated. that would culminate in a trial – possibly in March 2024 – in which the family’s lawyers could ask and propose the victim’s parents to testify, Ospina said

The lawyers clarified that Arrieta’s relatives will not attend the hearing on the 13th and that if a trial is held next year, they will ask the victim’s parents to testify via videoconference, given his old age and the difficulty of a trip from Colombia to Thailand.

Gonzalo Ospina pointed out that the family will adhere to the Thai prosecutor’s request for punishment and demand corresponding compensation, taking into account the precarious situation in which the family has been left, as the main income comes from the victim’s activity as a surgeon . .

In any case, he expressed the lack of empathy on the part of Sancho and his family, as they have neither asked for forgiveness nor their desire for any form of compensation.

The lawyer assured that Edwin Arrieta’s relatives “do not want revenge, but the full weight of the law,” and that due to their religious beliefs they are not in favor of the death penalty, although they will respect the decision of the Thai government. Justice.

However, if Sancho does not ask for forgiveness, he will find it difficult for the family to accept the possibility that he will serve the sentence imposed on him in Thailand in Spain.

Colombian lawyer Adriana Behaine Pacheco stated that “the family is very emotionally affected, both Edwin’s parents, his brothers and his son, and for them it is important that the case does not go unpunished and that they can soon repatriate his remains to to give them a chance.” Christian funeral.” “.

Thai lawyers, in turn, noted that they foresee a death penalty, although they recalled that one can ask the King of Thailand for forgiveness to avoid this or replace it with life imprisonment, but as long as many years have passed in prison.

Thailand’s public prosecutor’s office last month submitted a report to the court accusing Daniel Sancho, son and grandson of actors Rodolfo Sancho and Sancho Gracia respectively, of first-degree murder and concealing Arrieta’s body.

Source: El heraldo