The US tries to slow down Israel: “Many Palestinian victims in Gaza”

The United States is trying to put an end to Israel’s offensive in the Gaza Strip. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that there are “too many” Palestinians dead and suffering from Israel’s offensive against Hamas in Gaza and that although the Israeli decision to introduce humanitarian pauses in some sectors of the northern Strip is positive, this step is not positive. enough. The US diplomatic chief said that “many Palestinians have been killed, many have suffered in these last few weeks” and that everything possible must be done to avoid further suffering and make the assistance they need more profitable.

Speaking in New Delhi at the end of an intense nine-day diplomatic trip to the Middle East and Asia, Blinken said the United States “appreciates” Israel’s latest steps to allow Palestinian civilians to find refuge in the Southern Strip, but said that “ There is still a lot to be done.” “I think progress has been made. But I am also very certain that there is still much to be done in terms of protecting civilians and providing humanitarian aid”; and he added that the United States is working on “concrete plans to achieve this goal”.

Blinke’s words are yet another sign that the Biden administration is increasing pressure on Israel. Also for the Jewish State to stop settler violence in the occupied West Bank, for fear that if it continues uncontrolled it could cause the outbreak of a second, very dangerous front in addition to that in Gaza. With 14 Palestinians killed in Jenin and 4 elsewhere in the West Bank yesterday alone, Joe Biden and other members of his administration are increasing public condemnation of settler violence and private pressure on Tel Aviv. In a phone call with President Isaac Herzog in recent days, Vice President Kamala Harris “emphasized that stability and security must increase in the West Bank and that extremist settlers must answer for their violent actions.” link with Benjamin Netanyahu However, according to many, Washington’s efforts and pressure are not destined to have results, since Netanyahu’s government is supported by members of the most extremist settler movement.

Source: IL Tempo