Israel’s criminal gambling

The crimes with which the Israeli government and army have responded to the crimes of Hamas, and especially the outward display with which they have been justified, have unleashed the bad emotions that have been building up for years. This, combined with the political inspiration and logistics of subversive organizations undermining the West, gave unprecedented strength to the anti-Israel uprising.

Israel will likely eventually capture the wanted Hamas terrorists in Gaza and kill them, along with hundreds or thousands of other victims, completely destroying the area in the process. It has sufficient military superiority for this. However, this will not change the fact that he has lost this war, and the consequences of this loss will be serious, both for the Jews and for the entire West. What was at stake was not control of the territory of Gaza or any other area, but undermining the world’s view that Israel has the right to exist and defend its borders. Something incredible is happening before our eyes. It seemed to everyone – especially Jewish leaders and Zionist politicians, led by Benjamin Netanyahu – that the moral capital that Holocaust martyrdom gave the Jews was inexhaustible. Meanwhile, everything indicates that they have managed to exhaust it. A painful proof of this for Jews is the increasing aggression against them in Western countries and the massive demonstrations in support of Palestine, in which hundreds of thousands of citizens participate and in which the slogan is chanted in several languages: ‘Palestine must be free, from the river to the sea “; One look at the map is enough to understand that this means demanding the complete eradication of the Jewish state from it. Posters with the faces of hostages kidnapped and held by Islamic terrorists and hung en masse in Western cities were intended to arouse sympathy and consolidate the support of local public opinion for Israel defending itself against terrorism. Meanwhile, they arouse anger: the Internet is full of videos of passers-by tearing down these posters, without making a magazine for them.

In Britain – as writer Douglas Murray revealed on his social media and posted a video documenting the event – ​​these posters were removed by police because they were ‘causing social unrest’. Moreover, like the British police’s suppression of counter-demonstrations against the ‘solidarity marches with Palestine’, it is a clear symbol of what this country has been brought to by the political hyper-correctness of the ruling elites.

Anger and a conspiracy of silence

Contrary to stereotype, these “social unrests” that have frightened the elites of Britain and other Western countries are not the exclusive responsibility of immigrants from Muslim countries living there. Yes, they are particularly active in pro-Palestinian demonstrations and – in further painful evidence of the false hope that has accompanied openness to newcomers for decades – not only those who have recently arrived, but also those who have been living for generations established in the West. .

Source: Do Rzeczy