War in Ukraine, NATO is afraid of losing and calls for aid efforts

NATO red alert for war in Ukraine. Atlantic Alliance Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg spoke about the conflict in a speech in Brussels on the sidelines of the Foreign Defense Council: “The situation on the battlefield in Ukraine is difficult, so it is even more important to increase support for Kiev , because we cannot allow President Vladimir Putin to win. Ukraine must prevail as a sovereign nation in Europe, it is in our interests.”

At the Defense Council, Stoltenberg also had a “positive discussion with EU defense ministers on critical underwater infrastructure. After the sabotage of Nord Stream and the accident in the Baltic Sea” to the gas pipeline and data cables connecting Finland and Estonia, “NATO increased patrols, information sharing and work with partners”. “We also discussed the vital importance of continued support for Ukraine. Last month – highlighted Stoltenberg – we witnessed the accident in the Baltic Sea, in which a gas pipeline and Internet cables were damaged, which reminded us of the vulnerability, but also the importance of this type of infrastructure. NATO has faced these threats for many years, but after the accident or damage, first against the Nord Stream gas pipelines and now also against the Baltic Connector, we intensified patrolling, with more qualified aircraft and also with drones, to increase our presence in the Baltic and in the North Sea”. The West is under attack and is trying to defend itself as best it can.

Source: IL Tempo