New textbook for Belarusian schools. Poles were accused of genocide

The Belarusian Ministry of Education has ordered a new history book. From the book you can learn that Poles are said to be responsible for the ‘genocide’ against Soviet soldiers.

Belarusian students from groups 1 to 4, 5 to 9 and 10 to 11 will receive new textbooks. They should learn from books about the crimes that Polish nationalists (that is, soldiers of the Home Army) allegedly committed against soldiers of the Soviet Army. Poles are accused of committing genocide.

Furthermore, Belarusian students committed “genocide against the Belarusian nation” by the Third Reich during the “Great Patriotic War.” Extensive sections were devoted to the German invasion of the USSR and the sacrifices the Belarusian nation suffered at the time.

– Today we can see in figures how terrible the crimes committed during the war were and how the numbers (of the dead – ed.) are distorted – for example with regard to the extermination camp (Mały) Trostenets. We started with 206 thousand. people were killed and tortured there – and we ended up with almost 600,000. exterminated – said Deputy Minister of Education Alaksander Kadłubaja during the ceremonial presentation of the textbook at school No. 137 in Minsk.

Tank battalion on the border with Belarus

In recent years, Polish-Belarusian relations have deteriorated significantly. Poland has been struggling with the crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border caused by Alexander Lukashenko for two years.

Recently, Mariusz Błaszczak decided to deploy a new tank battalion on the border with Belarus. On Sunday, the Minister of National Defense solemnly opened a new military unit in Czartajewo in Podlasie, where a tank battalion that will be part of the 1st Legions Infantry Division was deployed.

The decision of the head of the Ministry of National Defense was sharply criticized by Dmitry Peskov. – The decision of Polish authorities to deploy another tank battalion on the border with Belarus is another step towards escalating tension – the Kremlin spokesman said. He noted that Belarus “knows what to do” in such a situation. “They are doing everything they can to ensure safety in this situation,” he said.

Source: Do Rzeczy