Ukraine-Russia war, drone attack against Moscow and Kiev: clash in the skies

The war between Russia and Ukraine continues unabated. Mainly in the skies over the two capitals. During the night, Russian air defense forces repelled a drone attack on Moscow. The news came after a message on Telegram from the mayor of the Russian capital, Sergei Sobyanin: the drone, he specified, was shot down while flying over Bogorodsky, in the eastern part of the Moscow region. «An attempted drone attack on Moscow was foiled this evening by air defense forces in the urban district of Bogorodsky. No damage or casualties due to falling debris. Emergency services are working at the scene,” Sobyanin said. The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed that its forces destroyed a Ukrainian drone flying over Bogorodsky.

Instead, Ukrainian authorities reported a wave of Russian drone strikes in Kiev for the second night in a row. «For the second day in a row, the enemy attacked the capital with drones. According to preliminary data, Shahed-type bombing munitions (the so-called kamikaze drones, ed.) were again used”, the update in the Telegram of the Kiev Military Administration. The head of the Administration, Serhiy Popko, specified that «about a Dozens of enemy targets were hit by air defense forces and means on the territory of Kiev and on the outskirts of the city. Enemy drones attacked Kiev in waves and from different directions. Therefore, air alerts were announced several times in the capital.” No additional information about damage or casualties was provided.

Source: IL Tempo