Trump 2.0 is getting closer

Polls show clearly: the former American leader has an increasing chance of returning to the White House. He presented an outline of the election manifesto and promised that he would tackle illegal immigrants. He also wants to end the war in Ukraine and put an end to the “endless stream of American funds” flowing into this country.

The year 2024 will certainly shake up the geopolitical world. And it’s not just about the outcome of the European Parliament elections. Next November, millions of Americans will go to the polls and in key elections they will decide not only the future of the United States, but also the fate of much of the world.

The former president, known for his harsh language, has even tightened his rhetoric. The clear favorite in the race for the Republican Party nomination claims he will immediately stop the “invasion of the southern border” and tackle the flow of illegal migrants who are “poisoning the blood of America” by bringing various diseases into the US . – We promise you that we will uproot communists, Marxists, fascists and radical left criminals. These are pests that live in our country. They lie, they steal, they cheat during elections and they will do everything in their power, legal or illegal, to destroy America and destroy the American dream – he announced during his Veterans Day speech on November 11, in which he announced the largest deportation campaign in American history and the abolition of the so-called Land Act under which children born in the United States automatically become citizens of that country.

Donald Trump didn’t just announce ‘the expulsion of Joe Biden from the White House’. – We will throw out the sick political class that hates our country. And the hypocritical media will start telling the truth – thundered the most likely candidate of the Republican Party in next year’s presidential elections. Trump also announced that after winning the presidential election in November, he would not only end the war in Ukraine, but also demand that European allies provide the United States with the money needed to cover the costs of the recovery of the weapons reserves sent by Joe Biden’s administration. to Kiev.

Source: Do Rzeczy