“Today the reconstruction of Argentina begins.” Javier Milei is the winner of the presidential elections

Libertarian Javier Milei has won the presidential elections in Argentina. In the second round he defeated Sergio Massa, who won the first round of the elections.

In the second round of the presidential elections in Argentina, libertarian Javier Milei won 56 percent. votes, and his rival – the socialist Sergio Massa – 44 percent.

– The reconstruction of Argentina starts today. Today begins the end of the fall of Argentina. Today marks the end of the impoverishing model of an omnipresent state that benefits only a few while the majority suffers, Javier Milei said after the election results were announced. – This is a historic night for our country, the beginning of the end of decadence. Argentina will return to the path it should never have left, he added.

Presidential elections in Argentina

Even before the official election results were announced, Sergio Massa admitted defeat and congratulated Javier Milei by phone. – I do this in the belief that the most important message we must send to the Argentinians is coexistence, coexistence in dialogue and respect for peace – said the Union’s candidate for the Homeland, representing the Peronist left, as Argentina has prevailed far, in this year’s presidential elections.

Argentina’s annual inflation rate rose to 140 percent and 40 percent in September. citizens live in poverty. That is why the candidacy of Javier Milei, leader of the Forward Freedom movement, who proposed a radical change of course from socialism to a free market economy, was very popular. Milei himself has been described by the Western press as an economic, ultra-liberal and non-establishment politician. The media pays special attention to his demand for ‘de-dollarization’. During the election campaign, the libertarian called, among other things, to distance ourselves from so-called social justice. Meanwhile, the current Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, proposed the creation of a control system that would allow citizens to control and monitor state finances or issue a central bank digital currency. In the first round of the elections, Massa won with 36.6%, while Milei won with 30%. to vote.

Source: Do Rzeczy