Businesses are preparing to return their workers after the Shanghai shutdown

Businesses are preparing to return their workers after the Shanghai shutdown

Major companies such as Tesla and Volkswagen in Shanghai started preparations for the reopening of factories on Monday. As part of an effort to return to normal business after nearly three weeks of detention, to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

However, most employees will have to live in designated quarantine wards (i.e. the same company) and There is no information on how factories will deal with discontinued supply lines and market access; Because the authorities also ordered the closure of other cities and there were delays in the departure of ports and trucks.

Beijing Last week he said he was It developed a “white list” of 666 companies. with priority reopen Or hold operations In Shanghai. These include Tesla, Volkswagen and SAIC Motor 600104.SS, As well as healthcare companies and semiconductor manufacturers.

In preparation for the reopening, Tesla contacted the workers at the Shanghai factory, saying they would have to live in the complex. Two sources told Reuters that China is in the process of “closing the management of the bubble”.

The city wanted to stop the spread of Covid-19 outside the quarantine zones by Wednesday. Sources said on Sunday an ambitious target to ease the lockdown further. Authorities are ramping up Covid-19 testing and transferring positive cases and their close contacts to isolation centers to achieve this goal.

The closure of measures by Shanghai and China to contain pandemics in other areas has paralyzed the economy and destroyed global supply chains. Shanghai’s 25 million people face loss of income, delayed food deliveries, family separation and unsanitary conditions in quarantine centers.

it is World’s second-largest economy worsens during important year for President Xi Jinping, He is fighting for a third term in the fall.

According to Reuters

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Source: La Neta Neta