Smoke bombs and chaos, fire also breaks out in the Albanian parliament

Strong tensions remain in the Albanian Parliament chamber for a third consecutive day, with the center-right opposition protesting against Prime Minister Edi Rama’s “blatant violation of constitutional rights” by the centre-left majority. establishment of a series of commissions of inquiry”. Today, on November 20, some opposition MPs threw smoke bombs into the middle of the parliamentary chamber in an unsuccessful attempt to prevent the vote on the 2024 budget. Red was seen in the air as security tried to keep protesters away from Prime Minister Edi Rama’s seat. Green and purple smoke rose.

Democratic Party leader Sali Berisha accused the government of silencing opposition in parliament, where Rama’s socialist party has a majority. “Ours is a war of no return,” Berisha said. “Our aim is to bring pluralism to the Parliament.”

Last month, Berisha and his son-in-law were investigated for corruption in connection with a sports club land deal. The Democratic Party leader is accused of using his influence as prime minister from 2005 to 2009 by lobbying “to conclude privatization procedures in favor of others, including his daughter’s husband.” The groom was arrested, while Berisha, as a member of parliament, enjoys criminal immunity and accuses Rama of organizing the accusation against him. The Prime Minister denied involvement and condemned the riots in a post on X: “They (the opposition) have brought the vocabulary and methods of the street into politics.”

Source: Today IT