“There is panic among the Russians.” New messages from the front

The appearance of Ukrainian bridgeheads on the Left Bank of Kherson Oblast caused some panic among Russian soldiers.

The appearance of the bridgeheads of the Ukrainian armed forces on the left bank of the Dnieper in Kherson Oblast was so unexpected for Russian soldiers that it partly caused panic.

– We see that due to the presence of units of the Ukrainian army on the Left Bank of Kherson Oblast, there is some panic among the Russians – said Andriy Chernyak, a representative of the Ministry of Defense.

According to him, the Russian army is actively regrouping and trying to transfer new formations to the front. According to the plan, the Russians wanted to hold the conquered territories with the available forces and resources. However, this turned out to be impossible. Czerniak added that the emergence of Ukrainian bridgeheads on the Left Bank of Kherson Oblast was possible thanks to very good training of soldiers and careful planning.

– Before the Marines started working, our sabotage and reconnaissance groups landed there for almost half a year – said the GUR representative.

He noted that the Russians did not immediately understand that the Ukrainian army was enforcing a beachhead because the soldiers initially simply kept the enemy in suspense through regular raids. Thanks to this, it was possible to calm his vigilance, and judging by everything, the appearance of the Ukrainian army was perceived by the Russians as a new sabotage activity.

The situation in Kherson Oblast

As Serhiy Brachuk, spokesman for the Ukrainian Volunteer Army South, said, heavy fighting is underway in the Kherson region. The settlement of Krynki, where the Ukrainian forces are fighting on the Left Bank, practically no longer exists today. The Russians are trying to destroy the bridgeheads of Ukrainian commandos.

According to the Institute for War Studies, Ukrainian forces recently managed to expand the zone of control near the western part of Kryniki.

Source: Do Rzeczy