New recruits are needed: Ukraine is ready to recruit graduates and prisoners

The war has come to a halt and Ukraine is looking for soldiers. Deputy Mariana Bezuhla announced in her post on Facebook that a bill that includes various innovations regarding military service and conscription is being worked on. Confirmation later came from Oleksandr Zavitnevych, chairman of the National Security and Defense Committee. The conflict with Russia has been going on for 21 months, and at this stage Kiev appears to need new soldiers to strengthen its army.

Ukraine’s goal is to recruit graduates and inmates. In particular, the new law needs to eliminate the exemptions provided to those who are successful in their studies up to the level of expertise. Moreover, as before in Russia, even those convicted of a crime can be called to arms. Finally, we are considering enlisting those who did military service in other countries and later acquired Ukrainian citizenship.

The number of Ukrainian soldiers killed in the clashes is unknown. The latest estimates from the US Defense Intelligence Agency, dating back to last spring and therefore dated, speak of 15-17 thousand dead and 109-113,500 injured. While Moscow lost some 320,000 soldiers, according to Kiev, last year Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu mentioned only 5,937 deaths. A number that seems unlikely. But it is still impossible to draw a clear picture of the situation and, above all, to independently verify the figures provided by Kiev and Moscow.

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Source: Today IT