Helicopter attack and seizure of Israeli cargo ship: Houthi attack | TO LOOK

The Houthis released a video with images of the seizure of the merchant ship “Galaxy Leader” in the Red Sea in retaliation for the Israeli military offensive in the Gaza Strip. In the video it is possible to see a military helicopter with Yemeni and Palestinian flags approaching the deck of the ship: individuals with heavy weapons and dressed in military uniforms emerge from the aircraft. The attackers, at least nine according to the video, ran onto the deck as the helicopter moved away and burst onto the ship’s deck to block the crew. We then see a general shot of the outside of the ship, around which there are several boats, with Yemeni and Palestinian flags flying. The Houthis claimed responsibility for the attack in response to “Israel’s atrocious acts against the Palestinian people in Gaza and the West Bank” and called on other countries to stay away from the area. The «Galaxy Leader», owned by a Japanese shipowner, flies the Bahamian flag, but is owned by a British company headed by Anglo-Israeli businessman Rami Ungar. There are no Israelis on the ship. The Houthis reported that they will not release the seized “Galaxy Leader” ship until “Israel and the United States stop killing Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.” «If America and Israel would stop killing Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and deliver water, medicine and food, then we could talk about the Israeli ship. The seizure of the ship respects the principle of reciprocity”, words from a member of the Supreme Political Council made up of militiamen from Yemen.

Source: IL Tempo