Israel’s war with Hamas. The beginning of a temporary ceasefire in the Gaza Strip

A ceasefire between Israel and Hamas comes into effect on Friday morning. If this is met, it will take a minimum of four days.

A day earlier, the office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu approved the agreement, which was brokered by, among others: Qatar and Egypt.

The beginning of a four-day ceasefire

The agreement between Israel and Hamas entails the release of at least fifty Israeli and foreign hostages – women and children – in exchange for a four-day ceasefire. It was also agreed that for every ten additional hostages released, there would be one additional day of ceasefire.

First, thirteen Hamas hostages will be exchanged for Palestinian prisoners. An Israeli army spokesman admitted it would be a complicated process and difficult days. “Nothing is final until it happens,” he said.

Israeli Defense Minister Joav Galant, in turn, described the ceasefire as a “short pause” followed by “intense fighting.” According to him, the fighting will last at least two months.

Only 80 trucks carrying humanitarian aid entered the Gaza Strip on Thursday. The ceasefire period should be used to increase assistance to war victims.

Egyptian authorities said they would send new transports to Gaza immediately after the ceasefire took effect. As indicated, it will provide, among other things: 130 thousand liters of diesel and four tankers of gasoline per day, as well as humanitarian aid.

Israel-Hamas war

The ground operation of Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip is underway. Israeli infantry, supported by tanks and planes, eliminate Hamas terrorists, killing at least 14,000 people at the same time. citizens, including women and children.

Hamas fighters are located in the enclave’s densely populated buildings, as well as in an extensive network of tunnels built under the Strip’s territory, which is gradually being liquidated by Israeli soldiers. According to “NYT”, the network of tunnels built over the years can be up to 500 kilometers long and up to 40 meters deep.

The land invasion of the Gaza Strip was preceded by massive bombings and a call for Palestinians to evacuate south. Parts of the Gaza Strip were completely destroyed. The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned several times that the Gaza Strip will be hit by a humanitarian disaster and has condemned Israel’s actions in the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict escalated on October 7 after a terrorist attack by the al-Qassam Brigades (the armed wing of Hamas) on Israeli territory. It was on this day that the mujahideen kidnapped most of the hostages. Hamas is a political party and a radical Islamic organization whose main goal is the liberation of Palestine from Israeli occupation. Israeli authorities said the aim of the ongoing military operation in the Gaza Strip is to eliminate Hamas and permanently neutralize the threat from that direction.

Source: Do Rzeczy