Afternoon update: The rain continues tonight before a frosty Tuesday

Afternoon update: The rain continues tonight before a frosty Tuesday
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Mid 40’s and rainy days – definitely not my April weather. The upside is that today I saw a lot of pollen coming out and spreading in the puddles. In fact, the afternoon temperature was around 15-20 degrees below normal, which is especially harsh when the normal temperature is around 70 degrees. On the other hand, this is the time of year when plant growth: silver bark is quickly depleted in every drop.

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Tonight included: In dry weather there will be some breaks, especially in the west, but in general we will still be busy until the evening. Half an inch or more to the east, the heaviest, could fall before the storm dies down. The storm will descend from the southwest to the northeast around midnight, but some rain may remain as the skies are partially cloudy. Low temperatures will be around 33-40 with gusts of around 10 m / s from the north, with gusts up to 35 mph.

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Tomorrow (Tuesday): It will be a mixture of sun and clouds. As soon as the high-end thunderstorm system passes, we may have a more organized shower event at the start. Given the very cold weather, some may fall like pincers or even snowflakes. The cold pouch on top will stay close enough throughout the day and we may not see much cleaning until late. The temperature will gradually rise and exceed 50 ° C. The wind will blow from the northwest at about 20 miles per hour, with winds reaching speeds of 40 miles per hour.

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ᲬWimy Days: At 4 PM Dales drove a large group of local weather locations. She rained 0.34 inches. We are down to 0.17 in Washington and we are fast late. BWI was 0.09 inches. By far, the heaviest quantities are west and southwest, where some points are around 0.75 inches. When the storm was over, most of the area would have taken nearly an inch or more from the event.

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Source: Washington Post