The George Floyd case. Chauvin stabbed in jail

Derek Chauvin, sentenced to more than 20 years in prison for the murder of George Floyd, was stabbed in prison.

In April 2021, 45-year-old Derek Chauvin was found guilty of intentional murder in the second degree, that is, committed without premeditation, but as a result of dangerous acts, without regard to the life and health of the victim.

As the Associated Press has learned, Chauvin, who is in a federal prison in Tucson, was stabbed. The attack took place on Friday.

The former police officer is reportedly in stable condition. Although the official statement did not include the victim’s details, as the Associated Press unofficially determined, it was Chauvin.

“No employees were injured during the incident and the FBI has been notified,” the Bureau of Prisons said.

The George Floyd case

The prosecutor’s office demanded a 30-year prison sentence, while Chauvin’s defense asked for a suspended sentence and for his previous stay in custody to be counted.

The sentence imposed for Floyd’s murder was 22.5 years, exceeding the standard guidelines for second-degree murder for people with no prior conviction. These guidelines call for a sentence of 12.5 to 15 years.

Two years ago, the case of the murder of the black man George Floyd caused great emotions and became the source of massive, violent protests in the United States and one of the foundations for building the Black Lives Matter movement, which aims to combat racism . but in practice the protests were characterized by unprecedented outright brutality and acts of vandalism.

“You judge me too”

The convicted police officer’s mother spoke out and sided with her son. Carolyn Pawlenty assured that “Derek is a good man, quiet, honorable, altruistic and loving.”

– By condemning my son, you will also condemn me – said the distraught woman. She added that when Chauvin is released from prison, she will likely no longer be in this world.

CNN journalists commenting on the verdict said Chauvin’s sentence was too light.

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