Hamas announces delay in extradition of hostages due to violations of the agreement

The Islamic group Hamas announced on Saturday that it would postpone the release of a second group hostages Israelis by accusing Israel of violating the terms of the agreement they made on access to humanitarian aid and the release of Palestinian prisoners.

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“We are postponing the release of the second group of prisoners until the occupation (Israel) fulfills the terms of the agreement regarding the access of aid trucks to the northern Gaza Strip, and for non-compliance with the agreement on standards for the release of prisoners,” reported the Al Qasam Brigadesarmed wing of Hamas.

However, in a brief statement, the Palestinian Islamist group did not specify how long the delay would last or whether it could finally be implemented in the coming hours.

Israeli sources denied to EFE that they had violated the terms of the pact.

Taher al Nono, adviser to Ismail Haniyeh, head of Hamas’s political bureau – both based in Qatar – accused Israel hours before the brigades’ announcement of violating the terms of the agreement they reached this week on the exchange of 50 Israeli hostages for 150 Palestinian prisoners, in addition to four days of ceasefire and the daily entry of 200 trucks of humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip.

On Friday, the first day of the ceasefire, Hamas released thirteen Israeli hostages, in addition to ten Thai and a Filipino-, while Israel released 39 Palestinian prisoners under that pact.

“The occupation carried out shooting operations against many civilians during the ceasefire, which led to the martyrdom of two civilians yesterday,” Nono said, in what he considered a violation of the ceasefire.

The UN today confirmed the death of at least one Gaza civilian by Israeli gunfire in Deir al Balah, in the south of the enclave, as groups of Gazans tried to abuse the ceasefire by returning to their homes in the northern part, where Israel ordered the forced evacuation of residents weeks ago.

Haniyeh’s adviser also complained that humanitarian access to the Strip was “much less than agreed”, and that according to the Brigades not enough had reached the northern part.

Egypt confirmed that around 50 trucks carrying humanitarian aid destined for the north of the Strip entered today through the Rafah crossing; while the Red Crescent said there were 61.

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“The largest convoy of 61 humanitarian aid trucks for the northern governorates of Gaza, loaded with food and supplies, water, frontline medicines and emergency medical supplies, entered via Rafah today,” the humanitarian organization confirmed.

According to Hamas, the agreement provided for the entry of at least 200 trucks per day of humanitarian aid and food, and four trucks of fuel; but he did not specify how many would come north.

The UN reported that yesterday, the first day of the agreement, 137 emergency trucks and approximately 130,000 liters of fuel arrived; but COGAT, the Israeli military organization that controls civilian affairs in the occupied Palestinian territories, has increased its numbers to 200 trucks.

“The criminal actions of the Zionist occupation threaten the implementation of the agreement and the completion of this process,” Nono warned on behalf of Hamas.

According to Nono, Israel also failed to meet the seniority requirement yesterday when releasing 39 Palestinian prisoners, 24 women and 15 adolescents.

“The occupation’s disregard for the issue of seniority in the release of prisoners puts the agreement in real danger,” Nono stressed, while another 42 Palestinian prisoners were due to be released today.

Source: El heraldo