Drone attack on Moscow. Airports paralyzed

Russia announced a large-scale drone attack on Moscow. As a result of the attack, the operation of two Moscow airports – “Vnukovo” and “Domodedovo” – was suspended.

The mayor of Moscow announced that a massive drone attack on Moscow took place overnight. However, the Moscow-bound drones are said to have been shot down near the cities of Naro-Fominsk and Odintsovo, near the Russian capital. Russian air defenses are also said to have intercepted and destroyed several drones in the Bryansk, Tula and Kaluga regions. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, in turn, reported that air defenses had destroyed a total of eleven unmanned machines over the territory of Moscow, Tula, Kaluga and Bryansk Oblasts.

“Tonight, an attempt by the Kiev regime to carry out a terrorist attack using unmanned aerial vehicles on objects on the territory of the Russian Federation was halted. The air defense systems on duty destroyed 11 drones over the territory of Moscow, Tula, the For hours, the Russian ministry announced the destruction of another nine Ukrainian drones, including over the territory of Moscow, Tula, Kaluga and Bryansk Oblasts. In turn, “Ukrainskaya Pravda” reports that one of the drones flew into an apartment on the 12th floor of a skyscraper in the city of Tula.

As a result of the attack, Russia suspended the operation of two airports in Moscow: “Vnukovo” and “Domodedovo”.

War in Ukraine

Russia launched a third wave of attacks on Avdiivka, increasing the number of attacks by 30%. The Russian forces are much weaker this time than in the previous two attacks.

According to the US Institute for the Study of War (ISW), the Russians claimed that their forces continued to advance on the northern and southern flanks of Avdiivka and were reportedly advancing into the city’s industrial zone. At the same time, the Ukrainian General Staff emphasized that any changes on the front, both on the Ukrainian and Russian sides, are temporary. Neither army has any lasting success. ISW analysts suggest that the Russians prepared for a wave of intense infantry attacks in late October and throughout November to compensate for heavy equipment losses.

Source: Do Rzeczy