Russian police stormed an event attended by the Polish consul

In St. Petersburg, police interrupted a meeting with authors related to the publication in Polish of Irina Flige’s book “Sandarmoch. Dramaturgy of meanings”.

Russian police interrupted a meeting with Irina Flige on the occasion of the publication of the Polish edition of her book “Sandamokh. Dramaturgy of Meanings”, dedicated to memorials of Stalinist crimes in Russia.

The event took place in one of the theaters in St. Petersburg. In the room were, among others: Consul General of the Republic of Poland, Grzegorz Ślubowski. According to media reports, Russian police checked the documents of all those present at the meeting and seized one copy of Irina Flige’s book. The officers claimed they were looking for “foreign agents”. After an hour the police left the theater.

The Supreme Court of Russia ordered the liquidation of the Memorial Association

Irina Flige is president of the Saint Petersburg Chapter of the Memorial Association, known around the world for its efforts to save the memory of the victims of communist crimes and protect human rights in contemporary Russia and other countries. Thanks to the efforts of the organization’s members, numerous books and online databases were published and many educational campaigns were organized to expose the crimes of the communist authorities. Memorial has received numerous awards and honors for its activities. The Memorial is the oldest institution in Russia dedicated to the protection of human rights and the study of historical memory. Kremlin authorities call their activists “foreign agents” and accuse them of “distorting history.” According to Moscow, the Memorial violates the Constitution of the Russian Federation and other laws. At the end of 2021, the Supreme Court of Russia ordered the liquidation of the association.

The Polish translation of the book “Sandarmoch. Dramaturgy of Meanings” was published in collaboration with the Polish Institute in St. Petersburg and the Center. Mieroszewski.

Source: Do Rzeczy