Russia withdraws missiles from its border with Poland. Reason given

The S-400 missile systems stationed in Kaliningrad Oblast have most likely been transferred to Ukraine.

The Russian Federation most likely transferred S-400 air defense systems from the Baltic coast in Kaliningrad to the combat zone in Ukraine.

As announced by the British Ministry of Defense on the social networking site X (formerly Twitter), this was intended to compensate for losses at the front during the current year.

According to British intelligence, Russia considers Kaliningrad one of its most strategically sensitive regions. This is mainly because it borders NATO member states on three sides.

“The fact that the Russian Ministry of Defense appears prepared to accept additional risks underlines the excessive strain the war has placed on some of Russia’s most important modern combat capabilities,” the UK Ministry of Defense said.

Russian losses

As of November 26, Ukrainian forces have already destroyed 597 Russian air defense systems.

According to the Institute for War Studies, the Russian Federation is strengthening air defenses over the Central Federal District. The Russians are probably preparing for a winter campaign in Ukraine aimed at intercepting Russian supply routes in the rear.

However, experts say Russia does not have sufficiently strong air defenses to protect its critical infrastructure. As an example, they cite the situation in Crimea, where Russian air defenses are unable to resist the actions of the Ukrainian armed forces.

On November 25, Ukrainian aviation carried out eleven attacks on concentration areas of personnel, weapons and military equipment of Russian forces. At the same time, on the night of November 25-26, Russian forces attacked Ukraine again with Iranian Shahed-class attack drones.

Source: Do Rzeczy