End of investigation into the plane crash near Kiev

The Ukrainian State Investigative Agency has announced that it has completed the investigation into the plane crash in Brovary near Kiev.

The plane crash in Brovary near Kiev took place on January 18. The helicopter crashed near a kindergarten and an apartment complex. The management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine was on board, including Minister Denys Monastyrski and his two deputies, Yevheniy Jenin and Yuriy Lubkovych.

Death of the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. The course of the helicopter crash

The State Investigative Agency of Ukraine has completed the investigation into the helicopter crash in Brovary, Ukrainian media reported on Monday. Investigators determined that the cause of the crash was a “gross violation of traffic safety regulations and the operation of air transport.”

Already in August, investigators reported their suspicions against five officers of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine who, in their opinion, violated the safety rules of helicopter flights, which led to the deaths of people. During the investigation, it emerged that the management of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs would travel to Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk Oblasts in January 2023. During the preparations for the flight, the crew commander was not informed about the meteorological data along the entire route of the planned movement, and in particular about the exceptionally unfavorable weather conditions over Browary. The crew itself did not have the correct permits for flights in difficult weather conditions and the necessary certificates. However, none of the flight safety officials canceled or postponed the flight until weather conditions were favorable. Due to difficult weather conditions, the helicopter was forced to fly at an extremely low altitude, even lower than the height of the buildings on the route.

In addition to senior officials of the Ministry of the Interior and their accompanying persons, four women and a child were killed in the plane crash. 31 people, including 13 children, were injured.

Source: Do Rzeczy