Hamas and Israel accuse each other of violating the ceasefire

Israel and Hamas blame each other for violating the ceasefire agreement. The Israeli side reports that a group of soldiers has been injured.

On Monday, a Qatari Foreign Ministry spokesman announced, and Hamas and the US news agency Reuters confirmed, that the ceasefire would be extended for two days. In addition to Qatari officials, the agreement was brokered by, among others: representatives of the Egyptian authorities. The previously agreed terms of the ceasefire remain unchanged. However, on Tuesday there were reports of violations of the agreement. Both sides in the conflict make such accusations against each other.

Mutual accusations of ceasefire violations

The Israeli army reported that several soldiers from units in the Gaza Strip suffered minor injuries as a result of three explosions and shootings in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.

One of the spokespersons for Hamas’s military branch said the “battle” took place after Israeli forces violated the terms of the ceasefire. “We call on the mediators to put pressure on the occupiers to respect all terms of the ceasefire on the ground and in the air,” Hamas said in a statement, noting that it intended to to respect the terms of the ceasefire.

Commenting on the incident, IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi stressed that the Israeli side is ready to resume fighting at any time if necessary. He also noted that the goal of eliminating Hamas in the Gaza Strip is “more than justified” and will be achieved.

Biden on Hamas hostages

In a statement published on the White House website on Monday, US President Joe Biden said that “the US will take full advantage of the extension of the pause in fighting between Israel and Hamas to ensure humanitarian aid to innocent civilians in expand the Gaza Strip. .”

The President of the United States announced continued efforts to “build a future of peace and dignity for the Palestinian people.”

Source: Do Rzeczy