12 murders during Holy Week in Barranquilla and Soledad

12 murders during Holy Week in Barranquilla and Soledad

On Holy Wednesday, José Rico Sanabria, 47, was hit twice in the head. The man was in transversal 2 with calle 69, neighbourhood New hope of loneliness. The man was taken to a hospital, where they confirmed his death.

The armed institution indicated that the man had four judicial entrances, and that they were able to determine from neighborhood work that Rico Sanabria was involved in the purchase and sale of vacant lots in the sector, so that the crime would have been settled.

On the morning of Tuesday the 12th, in Carrera 13 with Calle 57, La Ceiba . neighborhoodJorge Luis Álvarez Álvarez, 52, received several gunshot wounds, which left him in a black car.

According to authorities, the man was chased by two subjects on a motorcycle who were firing at his vehicle. The armed institution disclosed that the man had filed 9 court notes and that, according to family members, days before the victim had had problems with a buyer, who allegedly demanded that he return the money and threatened to kill him. murder. †

On Monday the 11th, the murder of Erick Rafael Fonseca Rodríguez, nicknamed ‘Pelencho’, was revealed at Calle 52 with Carrera 33, in the Lucero neighborhood, Barranquilla. According to the police, some murderers arrived at his home and fired several times.

That same day, a 17-year-old boy was hit by a knife in the middle of a fight that took place at 13 Carrera with Calle 84B, Modesto City District† The minor was taken to a health center where doctors confirmed his death.

The Palm Sunday, At the beginning of Holy Week, two deadly crimes took place. At 7:15 PM, Cristian Javier Carreño Rodríguez was murdered in Las Cayenas, after being shot several times. Likewise, the first murder on this long list matches that of Ilder Alberto Benavidez León, who was stabbed in the chest during a fight in the Santo Domingo neighborhood.

In addition, it is worth noting that General Luis Hernández Aldana, commander of the Mebar, indicated yesterday morning that during Holy Week they received 24,120 calls on line 123, of which 1846 were due to fighting.

Source: El heraldo