Germany plans to legalize the cultivation and possession of cannabis at home

The German government guarantees that home cultivation and possession of certain amounts of marijuana will be allowed for adults from April 1, 2024, according to the draft law available to the dpa.

In addition, as a result of legal changes negotiated months ago, joint cultivation in cannabis clubs and mutual supply between them will be possible from July 1. People over the age of 18 can own a certain amount of money and grow up to three plants at home.

In Berlin, health spokespersons from the parliamentary groups Social Democratic Party (SPD), The Green and the Liberal Party (FDP) announced Heike Baehrens, Janosch Dahmen and Andrew Ullmann.

During the negotiations, we agreed on a paradigm shift in drug policy regarding cannabis and explicitly recognized the social reality.

The legalization of cannabis is part of the coalition agreement of the three parties mentioned above. In principle, it is expected that this medicine will be removed from the list of substances prohibited under the Narcotic Drugs Act. However, it still needs to be approved by the German Bundestag.

Under pressure from the Greens and the Liberals, the governing coalition parties agreed to less strict rules for the possession and consumption of cannabis than initially planned.

As a result, the permitted amount for home cultivation doubles, from 25 to 50 grams, and the prohibited area for consumption near daycare centers, playgrounds and schools is also reduced from 200 to 100 meters.

The expected penalties are also reduced. If the possession limits are slightly exceeded, no criminal proceedings will be initiated, as explained by the head of health care of Los Verdes. Kirsten Kappert Gonther.

Originally, possession of more than 25 grams was considered a misdemeanor. Now it will be between 25 and 30 grams in public spaces and between 50 and 60 grams in private spaces. Only if the possession exceeds this value is it a crime with possible prison sentences.

The sale of marijuana remains prohibited, the amount allowed while driving is still being analyzed. The Ministry of Transport will propose a THC limit before the end of March.

THC is the active ingredient in the cannabis plant. It was announced that the current general ban on driving under the influence of cannabis will be replaced by a regulation that sets a limit on THC in the blood, just like alcohol.

After learning of the plans, several sources expressed opposition to legalization. “While Germany is going through a national crisis, the governing parties are struggling in the grass,” explained the general secretary of the conservative opposition CSU party, Martin Huber.

Finally, the chairman of the Professional Association of Pediatricians and Adolescents, Thomas Fischbach, warned in the newspaper “Die Welt”.

Cannabis use among young people will increase because these types of substances are increasingly transmitted to young people.

(With information from Europa Press)

Source: La Neta Neta